Five important Revit Interview Questions

revit interview questions

Revit, short for Revise- instantly, is a BIM software that engineers, architects, and contractors use. With the increase in ACE firms, Revit professionals are in high demand.

This article is for you if you are also preparing for the Revit job interview.

Here we’ve discussed the five most crucial Revit interview questions you should know as a Revit aspirant.

Revit Interview Questions.

What do you mean by Revit software, and tell us about its purpose?

Ans:  Revit software refers to BIM software that is Building Information Modeling software. It is used to design, construct and maintain infrastructure. Revit software aims to make a digital model that provides comprehensive information.

Why should you prefer Revit over CAD software?

Ans: By using Revit, designers and architects can work together in collaboration to make a 3D model that will be used to see how the building can operate.

Unlike CAD,  it automatically updates changes across all perspectives, lowering the likelihood of mistakes. This makes it more efficient and effective.

Describe how the level is defined in Revit architecture.

  • Firstly you create a new project in metric with the startup page’s help. It uses your default template.
  • A dialogue box will appear, and there you choose the DefaultMetric.rte template.
  • A default level in Revit has two levels; add a third level, give it a new name, and open the north view.
  • Activate the level from the ribbon inside the datum section on the main menu to add more levels in addition to the default.
  • You may choose lines or create lines to insert a new level.

What is Parallels Desktop?

Ans: System software from Parallels, Inc. is called Parallels Desktop for Mac. It creates a virtual machine with a guest operating system that maps the hardware resources of the host computer. Use the tool to execute programmes in the critical operating system without restarting.

How Does Virtualization Differ From Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a dual-boot setup that enables the chosen operating system to function in native mode. Start the computer using the Mac OS, first utilizing virtualization, then start the Windows OS as a virtual machine using Parallels. Then, without restarting the computer, you may execute programmes in each operating system.

What Design-to-Fabrication Workflow Support Does Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010 Provide?

With the combined capabilities of Autodesk Inventor and Revit Architecture software, you get a digital design-to-fabrication workflow. This enables architects to communicate their design intent more effectively. As a result, a fabricator can manufacture important building components affordably and give them more control over their design.

Project teams can interact digitally with a project before it is created using digital prototyping and building information modelling. In order to generate design-intensive building components more profitably, it is helpful to mimic performance and constructability, as well as to convey and comprehend design intent.


I hope this write-up has increased your knowledge about Revit software. If you are to appear in a Revit job interview, prepare these questions well. Do all the related questions, and you will surely rock the interview. Bust of luck!

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