A Solo Traveller’s Guide To Kerala’s Offbeat Gems


Kerala is known for its pristine beaches, spices, churches, temples, and mosques. Stretching along the Malabar Coast, fringed by the azure blue Arabian Sea, Kerala boasts about its picturesque backwaters to exotic forest reserves. Because of its rich heritage, Kerala has undoubtedly been a popular destination for most travelers. For those who have a quest to travel to offbeat places and places that are less explored, the state has a lot of offer.

Solo travelers can take in new surroundings unfiltered by the tastes and preferences of a traveling companion. Solo travel gives you the chance to indulge in yourself completely. However, as a solo traveler, it is important to keep a few things in mind like sticking to your budget and researching well before starting your journey. Also, you must try to pack light and book a place that is friendly for solo travelers. Here are some offbeat gems in Kerala that you must visit:

Vadakkunnathan Temple

Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur is built in a traditional style architecture and is located on a hillock. This temple does not fail to grab the attention of passers-by, because of its grandeur structure. What makes this temple unique is the ghee that is offered here – it does not melt for centuries, even during summers. And Kerala summers can get scorching. If you plan your visit to Thrissur during March-April, you mustn’t miss the Grand Thrissur Pooram. The firecrackers, the lip-smacking delicacies, the eye-catching decorations, and most importantly the majestic elephants, is an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. You can book a safe and trusted car rental in Thrissur with an experienced driver to explore the area.

Rubber Plantations in Chengaloor

The drive from Vadakkunnathan temple to this village is around 50 mins. Chengaloor boasts of the lush green forests lined with rubber plantations.  A walk through the paddy fields and streams that flow through truly connects you with nature.  About an hour’s drive from the village, you can visit the Niagara of India – Athirapally Waterfalls. It is rightly called so because it is one of the biggest waterfalls in South India. You can reach the top of the waterfall via a paved path that leads through thick bamboo clusters. Make sure to wear good footwear, as the rocks near the falls are slippery.


Situated in the northwest of Kottayam district, is the serene and peaceful town of Vaikom. The drive from Chengaloor to Vaikom is around two hours. Vaikom holds a special place in Kerala’s history. It is best known for the famous Vaikom Satyagraha, which was led by Mahatma Gandhi. Vaikom is home to many backwaters and luscious green parks, where you can sit back, read a book and relax. Make sure to book a top rated car rental service in Kottayam, to get you in and around some off-beat places whilst here.

Illikkal Kallu

The drive from Vaikom to Illikkal Kallu is around two hours. The sheer rock on the top of the hill, known as the Illikkal Kallu, is one of the most prominent sights in Kottayam.  Situated at 3500 feet above sea level, you will be awestruck by the size of the rock. A must-do place, for trek lovers! The view is breathtakingly beautiful once you reach the peak. Spend some time amongst the clouds, breathe in the fresh air, watch the sea, and take it all in as much as you can, for you know you will be leaving this behind to get back to the crazy, chaotic life back in the city!


Kerala is a tropical state and hence the climate never gets too cold except in hill stations. Monsoons are beautiful here and rarely create havoc thanks to the backwaters and water channels spread throughout the state. For solo travelers, it makes for an ideal holiday destination, when you want to charter unexplored waters.

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